Meet Alissa


Alissa Brownrigg Small is a health coach passionate about helping busy women reclaim their energy and joy without sacrificing families, careers, or anything yummy.

Who I Am: As a mother of three who has dabbled in many different kinds of work, might have a small addiction to continued education, and is happily building a business after studying to be a health coach, I know how easily we women give, and give, and give of ourselves. We devote time, energy, and soul to the world around us, often forgetting to pause and refuel. I admit I am not one to sit still for long periods of time, but when I find myself feeling tired, frazzled, and I become a little testy, I go right to my happy places, which, for me, are hip hop class, the yoga mat, or out in fresh air.  My Creds My career path has meandered from Labor and Delivery nursing, through Fordham Law School, where I discovered my love of writing about health issues, to mothering full-time, teaching barre exercise classes, managing a dance studio, and most recently, attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition . . . which has all led to me being a health coach! Whaaaat? Yes! I took what I really, really enjoyed from each and stirred them together. While breathing techniques and cheering while holding your hand may or may not help with labor pain, these can totally help through some sticky life situations. And excrutiatingly dry health articles? Bring ’em! I love making them user-friendly. I am also always down for a life-enhancing dance session.    

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